Developer templates
The developer templates provide the basis for your layout and web design and are thus optimized for specific online shops and content management systems. The supplied screen design is only meant as an example, which can be adapted to your needs. You can use the developer templates for free and without any restrictions both commercially and privately as long as you leave the built-in links and copyright notices unchanged. If you want to or need to remove the links, then you can buy a license here.
Ready-to-use templates
With ready-to-use templates, you no longer have to design your own layout. These finished templates are meant to be kept as is and thus each have an individual design. By contrast, the developer templates offered above only include a standard design, which you have to adapt yourself. The purchase price for these templates includes all the necessary licenses and we have not included any links or copyright notices. You can include your own links instead. Ready-to-use templates for your website or eCommerce shop can be acquired here.

YAML CSS-Framework

Welcome to the online shop for YAML licenses and templates. YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) is a modular CSS framework for truly flexible, accessible, and responsive websites. One of the many benefits of the current release (version 4) is that it offers progressive linearization for grids, columns and forms. YAML is actively maintained and continuously developed.
The CSS framework is available in two versions based on different web standards. The older YAML 3 supports XHTML sites based on CSS 2/3 and HTML 4; while the current YAML 4 supports CSS 3 and HTML5 and follows the principles of responsive web design. Customers who download YAML for free can use both versions.
Because YAML is open source, it can be used without any restrictions both privately and commercially. The only condition is that you leave the built-in links and copyright notices the way they are. If you want to or have to remove the links, you can choose between three license models: a general license, a project license and an OEM license – all of which can be purchased here.
At the end of this page, you will find further details about the YAML product and licensing philosophy. Also take a look at the FAQ about our products and licenses. We wish you lots of fun shopping!

Condition: For the free use of the YAML framework, a backlink to the YAML homepage (http://www.yaml.de) in a suitable place (e.g.: footer of the website or in the imprint) is required.
The copyright notice in the developer templates should be removed only with a valid license!

YAML Lizenzen, Entwickler- & Fertigtemplates


Developer template for xt:Commerce

In cooperation with its partner itaratos, the YAML team has developed a comfortable web design template for the online shop system xt:Commerce based on YAML 4 (i.e. CSS 3 and HTML5). YAML for xt:Commerce – xtYAML – can be downloaded here for free for xt:Commerce VEYTON 4.
OXID eSales

Developer template for OXID eSales

With YAML for OXID eSales – oxYAML – we also offer a template to develop individual layouts for the OXID eSales online shop platform. This developer template is also designed for YAML 4, HTML5, and CSS 3. You can download oxYAML for OXID eSales 4.7 and 4.6 here for free.

Developer template for TYPO3

Our partner Mr Sven Wappler has also developed YAML templates for various content management systems: By utilizing YAML 4, the developer template for TYPO3 – t3YAML – provides for a responsive web design, which automatically adjusts to the window and screen size. t3YAML is also mobile-ready: It is optimized for smart phones such as iPhones and Blackberries and those running Android. t3YAML can be downloaded for free for TYPO3 versions 4.7 an up. For more information, visit www.t3yaml.de.

Developer template for Joomla

Joomla! is another content management system that we support with a developer template (YAML 3/4). But YAML für Joomla! – JYAML – is more than just a template: It’s a complete package with numerous features. The template can be downloaded here for free for Joomla! 1.7 to 2.5 as well as 3.x. For more information, visit www.jyaml.de – Mr Reinhard Hiebl.

Developer platform for Drupal

The YAML developer template for Drupal – dYAML – lets both Drupal beginners and experts adapt their website’s layout to their needs. The template provides the perfect means to develop a more accessible and valid layout with Drupal CMS. dYAML can be downloaded for free for Drupal 6 and 7. For more information, visit www.yaml-fuer-drupal.de – Mr Alexander Haß.

Developer template for WordPress

WordPress is not only one of the most popular blogging systems, it can also be used as a content management system. The YAML developer template for WordPress – “Xtreme One WordPress Framework, the world’s most flexible WordPress framework!” – can be acquired from our partner Inpsyde. For more information, visit www.xtreme-theme.com.

The following holds true for all of our products:

You only have to buy the license you really need. For example, you want to
a) use YAML for XTC and
b) can keep the links for YAML but
c) want to remove the links to the developer of the XTC template?
Then you only need a license for YAML for XTC. The same applies to all the other products. In a nutshell: You can always remove the developers’ link if you have purchased their license.
We strive to keep you satisfied. All of our products are actively maintained and continuously developed. Upon purchase, you are always sent the newest version. If a feature does not work as desired, you can find help quickly in our forum. We look forward to hearing your feedback and will be happy to implement any improvements you may request.
You have further questions about our products that are not answered in our FAQ?
Then write us: info@itratos.de